Our Designs

Here you will find a list of our designs. Please click on the images to access our brochures.


Duplex Centre Slitter Rewinder
Designed for the converting of small diameter rolls for a wide range of material. A low maintenance, high performance machine ideal for a converter.
Converting Surface Rewinder
A Surface Slitter Rewinder for light and medium duty material like tissues, non-woven. The separately driven surface rollers make accurate tension control possible.
Turret Slitter Rewinder
Designed for the rewinding of small diameter rolls, the system is based on twin rewind airshafts cantilever mounted on a rotating turret. This enables the removal of the wound roll while another rewinding operation is underway.

Paper Converting

Mill Surface Slitter Rewinder
Large format slitter rewinder for mill type situations. Hydraulic unloading and shaftless unwind makes handling heavy rolls easy. Optional embossing for tissue applications.
Multi Unwind Stands
Multi Shaftless Unwinds for sheeter applications. Individual tension systems are for situations where the rewind rolls have inconsistent rewind tensions.

Business Forms

Pressure Seal Coater
A compact design for the coating of Pressure Seal Forms using 2 flexo coating units with individual dryers.
Multi Web Formspress
Capable of producing 3-ply NCR/OTC blank or printed forms.
Envelope Collator
For the production of mailers.